What is Full Stop?

Full Stop is nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food with minimal impact on animals and the environment. It provides you with all the carbohydrates, protein, fats, fibre and all 24 essential micronutrients your body needs to thrive, boosted with superfoods, adaptogens and probiotics to help you function at your optimum level. 


How do I use Full Stop products?

Our One Stop Nutrition Blend is super easy to use: Just add 400mL water or plant-based milk to the free shaker provided, along with 4 tablespoons the powder and shake. 

Our shakes can be used in place of any meal - they are great on the go, when you’re pressed for time or just want to ensure you are consuming a meal that is good for you that provides all the nutrients you need.


Where is Full Stop produced?

All of our products are made by our manufacturing partners at their state of the art facility in the UK.


Do I get a scoop?

No - we are working to reduce plastic waste, so you can use a regular household tablespoon to measure your serving.


What is the shelf life of Full Stop?

The shelf life is 12 months if your pouch is unopened and stored in a dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight. Don’t worry about keeping track, there is a best before date printed on the pouch.

It’s 6 months if your pouch is open. Just reseal and store in dry, cool environment, away from direct sunlight and it’ll keep for half a year.

Once you’ve prepared your meal, keep it refrigerated for 24 hours. You can save more time and make up your breakfast the night before, plus it tastes great cold.

If you’re on the go and don’t have a fridge handy, providing the temperature is cool, your prepared shake can stay fresh for a few hours.


Does Full Stop fill you up?

Yes, it absolutely does! Over 40% of Full Stop is made using low Glycaemic Index gluten free oats which leads to the feeling of fullness. 


When Will I Receive My Order?

Shipping usually takes United Kingdom: 2-3 working days.


Can I Amend or Cancel My Order?

We work quickly to pick and pack your items. Unfortunately, this means your order can't be amended or cancelled once you've placed it. This includes swapping products, changing your delivery address, and changing payment methods.

You can always return any unwanted orders to us for a refund.


Can I Return My Order?

Yes! Any unopened items can be returned to us within 14 days of delivery for a refund. Take a look at our Refund Policy for more information.


How Do I Manage My Subscriptions?

Just log in to your account to manage your subscription. Here you can do a number of things including updating your details, skipping a delivery or cancelling your subscription. 


How Does The Refer A Friend Program Work?

Every person you refer will save £10 on their first order over £40, and you’ll get £10 off your next order over £40 too! 


I am trying to conceive, can I use Full Stop?

Absolutely - Full Stop is safe to take and the ashwagandha used in Full Stop supports conception by helping to reduce any unwanted stress response in the body, by naturally lowering cortisol; as well as supporting male and female hormone balance.


Can I use Full Stop if I am pregnant?

Full Stop contains Ashwagandha which has been contraindicated during pregnancy in large amounts. Though Full Stop doesn't contain large amounts, we do not recommend use by pregnant women.


Can I Use Full Stop if I Am Breastfeeding?

Absolutely, Full Stop is a super easy way to ensure that you are completely nourished when you most need it - post baby and while breastfeeding.  It can be helpful to support postnatal hormone balance and stress that may arise from sleepless nights and settling into motherhood.

However, we suggest you discuss this with your doctor or health visitor in case there are any clinically-specific reasons why it wouldn’t be suitable.


Is Full Stop Gluten-free?

Our One Stop Nutrition Blend is made using gluten-free oats - though it is made in a factory that handles gluten.


Does Full Stop contain any allergens?

If you have a specific allergy that is outside of the information provided, please contact us directly and we will do our best to guide you on which products are suitable.


Is Full Stop Vegan?

Yes, we are proudly vegan friendly! There are no animal products in any of our product range.


Is Full Stop GMO-free?

Yes, Full Stop is GMO free.  


Are the vitamins and minerals in Full Stop absorbed into the body?

Yes! The vitamin and mineral blend in our Full Stop products are included to boost the vitamins and minerals that aren't there in sufficient amounts from the food ingredients within Full Stop. Some vitamin and mineral supplements aren't absorbed well, because they use less bioavailable forms, however we have selected readily absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals to ensure they provide adequate nutrition. See section Micronutrients 101. 


Can Full Stop help me gain or lose weight?

Absolutely! To lose 1lb of fat you need to consume 500 calories less than you need per day, and to gain 1lb of fat you should eat 500 calories more. Full Stop is a great way to accurately calculate your calorie intake whilst making sure you’re not compromising on nutrition.


I am already taking ashwagandha in other products - can I use Full Stop in addition?

Absolutely, yes - there is no safety issue with taking more.


Can children use Full Stop?

Yes. Full Stop is safe for children above 4 years of age to include in moderation as part of a balanced and varied diet. Full Stop is not suitable for babies or infants below or during weaning age as there are different nutritional requirements for this age group. 


Not answered your question and need to contact us?

You can email us at hey@livefullstop.com.

Our UK office hours are 9am to 5pm (Mon-Fri).